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Using a WordPress portfolio plugin lets you display those pieces in a user-friendly way so that your work gets the attention it deserves. While there are plenty of great free and paid portfolio themes, the advantage of a portfolio plugin is that you can integrate it into an existing theme or site. So if you already have a WordPress site, or if you’re just in love with a theme that doesn’t have portfolio functionality, using WP Portfolio plugin will get the job done.

The plugin offers a simple solution for showcasing a portfolio. WP Portfolio offers an attractive way to very easily showcase images, video and website designs to future clients:

  • Image portfolio – The plugin accommodates upload of multiple images to showcase your work.
  • Video portfolio – The plugin features a video gallery to showcase your video products.
  • Website portfolio – An easy import tool allows you to import content in seconds to showcase your website design portfolio. The plugin even comes with an import demo tool and offers built-in white-label website portfolios that you can use as a foundation for creating and showcasing your own.
  • Single pages portfolio

The WP Portfolio allows showcasing beautiful websites, images, and videos to attract your clients and customers. The plugin helps you to display them together and create a good impression on visitors.

I was delighted to find that this plugin is loaded with many key features. I can tell the developers thought out the design of this plugin to incorporate all of the features and usability that a user would need for a portfolio display.

Built-in demo – This is a great feature that the plugin contains ready-to-use built-in templates. These can easily be imported to a website for showcasing a portfolio. Those come only in Mini Agency Bundle and Agency Bundle.

Layouts – The plugin offers multiple layout options for creating just the right look for your portfolio. The different layouts allow a customized portfolio.

Masonry Grid – The masonry grid is a common display type for portfolios, and this plugin doesn’t disappoint.

best wordpress portfolio plugin

The masonry grid feature allows you to easily add products and portfolios in an easy, straightforward visual way, and then provide underlying detail about each product in the portfolio.

Infinite Scroll – As your potential clients scroll through your portfolio, the plugin’s infinite scroll feature makes it easy for clients to have a seamless viewing experience.

They get more results as they scroll down and don’t have to click on endless pages to see all your work. This feature is integrated into the plugin to help your users get more results as they scroll down.

Lazy Load – When those users scroll down, the pages and images load fast. The plugin incorporates the lazy load feature for faster webpage loading. It works by loading images after it loads the content, thus enhancing the user experience.

Item Search Option – Front-end users can use the intuitive search option to easily search through your portfolio content to find what they need. Portfolio categories are sortable, too.

Users can view your portfolios according to types and categories that you specify. Let’s say you design images, video, and websites.

best wordpress portfolio plugin review

A user can sort to see only your video portfolio using the sortable categories functionality built into the plugin. Sorting capabilities include sorting by creation date, title, menu order, ascending and descending as well as a random sort order.

You can even create customized searches to add portfolio projects to certain search results using the plugin’s Custom Search feature. WP Portfolio also includes the filterable tag functionality that lets visitors filter portfolio items without a page reload.

The plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of portfolio projects that contain the following metadata and descriptive information: Title, Description (short and long), Images, Completion date, Executor profiles, Technologies, URL links, and Thumbnails.


Is Wp Portfolio Worth It?

We at believe that the only way of succeeding is by doing it together. Our recipe is simple, we succeed only when you succeed.

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You will get the serial if you buy it for unlimited websites.

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What is the process for manual installation?

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