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Is Paid Memberships Pro Worth It?

We at believe that the only way of succeeding is by doing it together. Our recipe is simple, we succeed only when you succeed.

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Paid Memberships Pro is a very powerful and user-friendly WordPress plugin. During our time with it, we were able to create a membership website, configure content dripping, and create tiered memberships and custom pages for different members. All without using any code. The plugin itself is awesome.

Paid Memberships Pro itself is awesome.


It does everything well and has the option for a huge number of addons to be bolted on. You could genuinely create a one-of-a-kind subscription website using the plugin and a few addons.

Some people might be irked at the fact that certain options are not free. People tend to expect quite a lot of free stuff these days.

Then again, everybody has to make a living. And if you’re going to use your website to earn your living, there’s no valid reason why the infrastructure used to power this shouldn’t also be paid nicely

After all, if these guys don’t make a living, the plugin will die out of lack of support, updates, and innovation.  Good products deserve your support through their paid add-ons.

Paid Memberships Pro is a well-produced, well-coded plugin that delivers maximum control over a subscription website and it is hard to think of a competitor that does it better.

Paid Memberships Pro Features: 


  • Restrict Default Content
    Secure your pages, posts, blocks, and categories. Show an excerpt, “sneak peak” or partial content or completely hide restricted content. Set a custom message for users or visitors when they attempt to access protected content.
  • Restrict Custom Post Types
    Secure various additional content such as forums, communities, products, events, courses, videos, downloads, and any CPT.
  • Restrict Single Pages
    Allow members to purchase individual content, sell one-time access, or allow a single category purchase for a flat price.
  • Content Dripping
    Allow members to drip-feed access to a series of content according to a schedule based on their membership level start date.
  • Personalized Content
    Offer each member a unique page for direct communication. Design custom member homepages by level and adjust navigation menus to highlight important links for each membership level.
  • Create Directories and Profiles
    Allow users to browse and search public or members-only directories for a robust community or listings site.
  • Use with WordPress Multisite
    Sell sites on the network or secure content across your network with a single user login.
  • Unlimited Levels
    Create a complete membership offering with unique pricing and content access for each level. Members can hold one or more member levels at a time.
  • Multi-tiered Membership
    Offer individual or organizational memberships with child accounts linked to a paying parent account.
  • Offline Communities
    Set up a membership site to accept applications and process dues for an offline community, like a trade association, professional association, or member-supported organization.

More Features.


Is Paid Memberships Pro Worth It?

We at believe that the only way of succeeding is by doing it together. Our recipe is simple, we succeed only when you succeed.

Is the product original?

Sure. You are getting the original product. We do not deal with GPL or NULLED products, and all the products we offer in our store are with official licenses and support automatic updates.

Does the product support updates?

Yes, when you buy any product from the Cheaperwp store, you get the original product so you can get updates directly through your site control panel.

Can I get the serial License Key?

Yes, but not for all products. Some products allow us to generate a new serial for each site, while other products give us only one serial to be used on all sites. In this case, we cannot give the serial to customers, but the customer must send the login data to his site to install and activate the required product or Through the Anydesk connection.

Can I use the product in more than one website?

Unfortunately, when you purchase any product from the Cheaperwp store, you can only use it on one site.



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