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We at believe that the only way of succeeding is by doing it together. Our recipe is simple, we succeed only when you succeed.

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The all-new Element Pack Pro brings incredibly advanced, and super-flexible widgets, and A to Z essential add-ons to the Elementor page builder for WordPress. Element Pack Pro consists of all the essential widgets you ever need in Elementor. This is the first-ever plugin that combines every widget on the market & off the market with further enhancing their performance. This is a tailor-made plugin that is packed with hundreds of features.

Design Like A Boss With Element Pack Pro


Element Pack Pro makes you present a dynamic design with the mixing of your mindset. It doesn’t matter if your coding knowledge is poor? If you want to make an eye-catching site, so Element Pack Pro will power-ups you.


You can edit icons, titles, text, and buttons separately and style them uniquely. You will get this facility on all of our widgets.
We’ve 2200+ premade designs and ready blocks. Now you can copy any blocks or sections with just a single click. This feature can save tons of time when you are going to work on your projects.

Get Pro Tab gives a brief difference between the free and the pro plans. You will get a full refund within one month of purchasing the plugin if you don’t like it.

Element Pack free vs pro.

The Element Pack Pro makes it a lot easier when it comes to building a website. No doubt, the Elementor plugin itself has good features. But you will get tons of great new add-ons with this plugin. If you are a beginner to WordPress or a developer with so much work, this add-on plugin is for you.

You can easily create a website in just a few clicks with its ready-made templates. Just copy and paste the template and customize it in your way with complete control.

How To Use Element Pack Pro?

Like any other plugin, Element Pack Pro is easy to install. You can download the plugin from its official website or find it in the plugin section of WordPress.

In WordPress, go to the Plugin > Add New > Element Pack Pro > Install. After Installation, click on the activate button, and you are ready to go. You will see a section appear in the right menu with the name Element Pack Pro

If you click on the Element Pack Pro button, you will see a page with different tabs. This is where you control all the add-ons. Let’s get straight into each of the sections and find out how we can use it effectively.


Is Element Pack Pro Worth It?

We at believe that the only way of succeeding is by doing it together. Our recipe is simple, we succeed only when you succeed.

Is the product original?

Sure. You are getting the original product. We do not deal with GPL or NULLED products, and all the products we offer in our store are with official licenses and support automatic updates.

Does the product support updates?

Yes, when you buy any product from the Cheaperwp store, you get the original product so you can get updates directly through your site control panel.

Can I get the serial License Key?

Yes, but not for all products. Some products allow us to generate a new serial for each site, while other products give us only one serial to be used on all sites. In this case, we cannot give the serial to customers, but the customer must send the login data to his site to install and activate the required product or Through the Anydesk connection.

Can I use the product in more than one website?

Unfortunately, when you purchase any product from the Cheaperwp store, you can only use it on one site.



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